What Premier Acoustic Solution Should You Choose for your Interior Spaces? Acoustics are often the unrecognized- yet essential- element of any interior space. Without thought during design, echoes, reverberations, and unwanted noise can diminish ambiance, privacy, and productivity. Though noise-reduction systems are common in commercial and public spaces, our affordable, user-friendly acoustic systems provide solutions for the home too. FabriTRAK ® ,  GeoTRAK ®, and  Murano Acoustics ™  are the premier acoustical solution systems leading the industry in sustainability, durability, and customized wall and ceiling treatments. Which system is right for your needs? 1 FabriTRAK® System The  FabriTRAK ®  System  is the original trak system for upholstered, wall, and ceiling acoustical systems.  FabriTRAK ® is also the first fabric stretch wall system utilizing fire-retardant materials for fabric retaining channels. These channels, or trak, allow a fabric-covered wall or ceiling to be insta