What Premier Acoustic Solution Should You Choose for your Interior Spaces?

 What Premier Acoustic Solution Should You Choose for your Interior Spaces?

Acoustics are often the unrecognized- yet essential- element of any interior space. Without thought during design, echoes, reverberations, and unwanted noise can diminish ambiance, privacy, and productivity. Though noise-reduction systems are common in commercial and public spaces, our affordable, user-friendly acoustic systems provide solutions for the home too.

FabriTRAK®GeoTRAK®, and Murano Acoustics are the premier acoustical solution systems leading the industry in sustainability, durability, and customized wall and ceiling treatments.

Which system is right for your needs?

1 FabriTRAK® System

The FabriTRAK® System is the original trak system for upholstered, wall, and ceiling acoustical systems. FabriTRAK® is also the first fabric stretch wall system utilizing fire-retardant materials for fabric retaining channels. These channels, or trak, allow a fabric-covered wall or ceiling to be installed on-site.

The heart of the FabriTRAK® System is the wide range of nearly 50 wall and ceiling trak profiles, installed with infill and covered in a textile. The end result is a beautiful fabric-covered wall and/or ceiling with noise control properties that enhance the total comfort zone, esthetic, and audio, of any interior spaces.

FabriTRAK® is recognized by architects, interior designers, and acoustical consulting communities for its ability to provide sound solutions for interior noise control and versatility in easy to clean fabric options from FabriSPAN® fabrics, FabriFELT™, silks, leather, and more.

FabriTRAK® recently launched FabriFELT™, 100% pure, durable wool felt available in 23 colors. FabriSPAN® fabrics allow for custom printing of artwork, company or team logos, patterns, and photography making it an excellent option for homes, spas, gyms, schools, restaurants, etc.

The user-friendly simplicity of replacing fabric due to damage or design change add to FabriTRAK®s versatility. Since FabriTRAK® is always installed on-site and never prefabricated, a precise panel alignment and exact fit are ensured for a completely customized sound solution.

Download free FabiTRAK resources for architects and designers here.

Why should contractors use FabriTRAK®

That’s simple – we are easy to work with. Time and again we see GCs use FabriTRAK® because they know they can rely on our products and our service. By using this system, contractors can trust in our ability to meet the most stringent of aesthetic demands while achieving acoustic specifications. Contractors can expect reduced installation lead times as well as professional customer service and workmanship. Whereas premanufactured acoustical panels can hold projects to long 8-10 week lead times, FabriTRAK® is fabricated onsite without requiring pre-measurements reducing lead times to an incredible 5-10 days provided selected fabrics are available in stock.

The heart of the FabriTrak® and GeoTRAK® System is an acoustical core material – TerraCORE® Poly. TerraCORE® acts as infill and is DECLARE certified and approved for LEED v4 projects. Once the fabric is added to the trak and infill, the result is a beautiful fabric-covered wall and/or ceiling with noise control properties that enhance the total comfort zone, esthetic, and audio, of any interior spaces.

2. GeoTRAK®

Similarly, GeoTRAK®is a distinguished leader in eco-friendly options and sustainable materials. All GeoTRAK® wall and ceiling profiles meet LEED v4 requirements and are DECLARE certified. Architects dedicated to sustainability appreciate the eco-friendly attributes: PVC-free wall and ceiling trak profiles as well as 100% recyclable infill.

Behind the fabric, TerraCORE® Poly is an environmentally friendly blend of low dense polyester fibers that enhance acoustical performance. It has a lower environmental and health impact than fiberglass since there are no added chemicals, consists of 80% post-manufacturing recycled materials, and is 100% recyclable. Since TerraCORE® Poly infill is available in high impact, it is suitable for well-trafficked areas including schools, lobbies, and restaurants.

3. Murano Acoustics

Prefer the aesthetics of premier wooden acoustical panels? Murano Acoustics offers a variety of durable, cost-effective custom-built, and stand-alone acoustic solutions. With an NRC (noise reduction coefficient) of .80 and higher, Murano Acoustics™ is ideal for restaurants, convention centers, reception halls, conference rooms, or home spaces as a solution to unwanted noise.

Murano Acoustics™ Class A wooden wall and ceiling panel systems are visually appealing while minimizing environmental impact. Competitively priced, and rigorously tested for hardness, adhesive formaldehyde levels, moisture content, deflection, flexural strength, flammability, smoke density, compression strength, and tensile strength - Murano Acoustics™ systems also meet the most stringent LEED standards.

Professional and home designers welcome the variety of perforated, grooved, slotted, veneer, and bamboo options. Customize with color preference to match décor and inspiration. Combine FabriTRAK’s TerraCORE® Poly™ with Murano Acoustics™ for the ultimate in acoustic wood panel performance.

Download free Murano Acoustics Information for worship centers, libraries, auditoriums, and more here.

Contractors, Architects, and Designers

Unwelcome Sound Solved. Contractors, architects, and designers know… whatever your project, wherever your space, we have the premier acoustic solution for your needs. Don’t let unwelcome sounds disrupt your vision. Enhance esthetics and comfort by ensuring noise is controlled.

For more information about products, installation, or design inspiration, contact The Bartley Group™ at bartleygroup.com or 949.215.7979.


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