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Changing the way we Listen, Breathe, and Work with Autem™

                                                            “A stand-alone solution for ceilings”      Whether we’re at work or play, we’re typically focused on what lies ahead: the presenter in an auditorium, our computer screen, the indoor track finish line. Rarely, though, do we lookup. Sometimes, though, it is above us where the magic happens that allows us to focus on the task at hand. Our experience is diminished if we can’t hear the guest speaker or the person across the table from us. Our productivity is limited if our thoughts are interrupted by the reverberation of machinery or outdoor noise. Fortunately, we can diminish unwanted noise and enhance our environment with  FabriTRAK® System’s Autem™  ceiling acoustic panel collection. The Autem™ Air| Baffles | Cloud designs are eco-friendly and effectively minimize noise. If your indoor space deserves the ultimate in sustainability, look no further than Autem™ Air. These acoustic ceiling panels not only minimize interior noise, t